One-on-One Session: TV Comedy Writing:

Prerequisites You must have a completed draft of an original half-hour comedy script to utilize this service.
Price $900
Class Size 1 students
Creating Your Best Writing Sample

With this service, we’ll work on your existing original 30 minute television comedy script to help improve your script before it’s judged by agents/managers/execs/etc. You will get expert advice and notes from a consultant who will work with you one-on-one online to create the best sample to show off your skills as a comedy writer. Our consultants are professional TV comedy writers with years of experience and numerous credits.

Once you select one of our consultants, you will submit your original script for review. The consultant will read your script and will return to you a written evaluation. Then, an hour-long session will be scheduled either over the phone or in an online chat (at the discretion of the consultant). You will then be given a chance to revise your script with these thoughts in mind and the notes process will be repeated once you have submitted your revision.

UCB makes no guarantee regarding the outcome of your writing sample nor provides any professional networking services. This is simply about creating the best sample you can.

Eric Zicklin, teacher

Eric Zicklin Eric Zicklin is constantly writing on sitcom staffs, sometimes for lousy shows and sometimes for splendid ones (such as Dharma & Greg, Frasier, Hot in Cleveland, and, currently, TVLand’s Younger).  Loaded with firsthand experience working for many different showrunners, Eric knows half-hour narrative television writing.  It’s the rest of the world that confuses him.

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