Improv 201 Saturdays 3-6pm

Improv 201: Game of the Scene

Prerequisites Completion of Improv 101 within previous two years
Scheduled Saturdays 3-6pm
Start Date Nov 16, 2019, 3:00pm
Price $450 + Fees
Class Size 16 students
Sessions 8 sessions, 3 hours each
Performance Jan 19, 2020, 4:30pm
The UCB Training Center teaches quality comedic scenes focus on one central comedic idea: referred to as "The Game" of the scene.

Students will be taught: 1) identifying "games", 2) heightening - finding new ways to make your scenes get funnier from start to finish, 3) realizing how patterns support the "game," 4) second beats (returning to scenes later in a piece).

This course meets for 8 sessions that are each 3 hours long.

Students will take part in a class performance, generally held at the UCB Theatre.

Admission to 301 after the completion of this course is not guaranteed. Students will be judged on their application of concepts that they have learned in Improv 101 & 201. The Training Center will send placement notification to students within 10 days of the Improv 201 graduation performance. Students may not enroll in Improv 301 before receiving this notification.

All tuition payments include a $35 non-refundable registration processing fee.   

Class meets at UCB Sunset Training Center; Room #223


Susannah Becket, teacher

Susannah Becket Susannah Becket is a writer and actor in Los Angeles, currently performing on Monday nights with The Smokes.

Before that, she was a member of UCBLA Harold teams Panama and The Galleria and the UCBNY Harold teams Beverly Hills, Killebrew and Havana Clambake. While in New York, she performed in the UCBT shows "Now That's What I Call Rogue Elephant!," "Up Late! With Lord Voldemort," "Flux Capacitor," "Sketch Cram," and "Found on Craigslist." She also appeared in a (now-classic) promotional video for a department store, filmed when she was five. She's a member emeritus of the independent improv group Rogue Elephant, and with them performed all over NYC, at the Improv Olympic in Chicago, and at a private boarding school in Philadelphia.

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