Let's Create (For Parents)- ONLINE Sundays 1-3:30pm PT/ 4-6:30pm ET

Let's Create (For Parents)- ONLINE: Stay positive and creative.

Prerequisites None
Scheduled Sundays 1-3:30pm PT/ 4-6:30pm ET
Start Date Dec 13, 2020, 1:00pm
Price $200
Class Size 5 students
Sessions 4 sessions, 2.5 hours each


Are you a parent and feeling the hunger to create again or want to start creating, but not sure where to begin or how? Let's figure
it out together!

In this workshop, the hope is we can start to set
realistic goals and clarify next steps to help you create the work you
want to create while also recognizing the time needed to be a parent.

Taught by me - A MOM! So I get it. 

Assignments will be given. Work will be expected to be written and
read. And if your kid(s) wants play in the background, get on camera or
have a melt down while class is happening, you couldn't be in a more
supportive place. This also will carve out time, if you can, to make
time for you!


Students should have access to a computer and stable, robust internet access, webcam & microphone. 

There is work outside of class, preparing sketches for
presentation in every class and viewing sketch videos. This online
course uses Google Classroom and Google Meet programs to conduct live sessions with your instructor and fellow students.

Please check to see if you have the compatibility requirements for utilizing these
programs before registering:



(UCB WINTER BREAK - December 23-January 3)

Leslie Meisel, teacher

Leslie Meisel Leslie Meisel is an actor, writer, director, teacher and in college worked at a bowling alley thinking it would be exactly like Grease 2.
It wasn't.

Currently a co-host of the monthly show COUPLES SKATE and most recently she was a cast member on the UCB house team CHARACTERS WELCOME (Season 1 & 2) and Winner of the 5th annual NBC/UCB Diversity Showcase.

On screen, Leslie can be seen on the new NBC show RISE, Difficult People, Broad City, Netflix’s The Characters, and the feature film Bachelorette (w/Rebel Wilson & Kirsten Dunst).

As a director, she has worked on many shows at the UCB Theatre, including AzN Pop!: Live in Concert!, All In Favor, United Federation of Teachers with Natasha Vaynblatt (IFC, Funny or Die, McSeeney’s), co-directed Stone Cold Fox: Sexy Idiots with Aaron Burdette, (Man Seeking Woman, The Onion), several Maude sketch teams, co-director/writer of He Said She Said with Kate Riley-Zelensky (MTV, Two Guys Named Josh) and worked with Bridge & Tunnel‘s staged show for Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival.

Other staged shows at UCB: BOB ODENKIRK and UCB PALS: A LOAD OF HOOEY, Oh My God I Heard You're Dying!, The Unbreakable Gun, Thunder Gulch Presents MNL: Monsters Night Live and she performed in LOVE CAN SUCK A D**K...AND SO CAN I! A show that was co-created by Leslie and Megan Neuringer (written by Megan with Material/Characters by Leslie) all about how much love sucks a big 'ol dong which played to sold out shows at UCBLA and had a year long run at UCBNY.

website: www.lesliemeisel.com
twitter: @lesliemeisel

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