Sketch Elective ONLINE Mondays and Wednesdays 3-6pm EDT

Sketch Elective: Special Sketch Class

Prerequisites May require previous UCB class experience. See course description below for details.
Scheduled ONLINE Mondays and Wednesdays 3-6pm EDT
Start Date Apr 13, 2020, 3:00pm
Price $200
Class Size 8 students
Sessions 4 sessions, 3 hours each

Writing A Web Series From Your House

Ever wanted to write a web series but have no idea how to get it started? And now find yourself with the free time to do it? Then you're in luck! During the 4 sessions of this class, you will develop, outline, produce and write an entire web series. And one caveat, these series will have NOTHING to do with Coronavirus. This class will lean on being creative and thinking outside of what everyone else is doing online. The aim of the class is to be able to shoot these series on your phone while you're stuck at home. So the shorter, the better cause no one has an attention span anymore. We will develop the series from earliest points of taking a comedic idea and making a show around it. This will be a collaborative class as your fellow classmates will be there to help punch up scripts, much like a tv writers room. This is a class to show the world your comedic voice and have it live online for anyone to see. Come to the first class with 3 pitches for potential web series you want to write.

This course meets online, from 3-6pm EDT. If you are in another time zone, make sure you can attend the online sessions.

Students should have access to a computer and stable, robust internet access, webcam & microphone. 

There is work outside of class, preparing sketches for presentation in every class and viewing sketch videos.

This online course uses Google Classroom and Google Meet programs to conduct live sessions with your instructor and fellow students.

Please check to see if you have the compatibility requirements for utilizing these programs before registering:

Note: Meets April 8, first night of Passover, but finishes at 6pm.

Geoff Garlock, teacher

Geoff Garlock Geoff Garlock is a comedian/writer/musician who has been studying/performing at the UCB since 2002. He was a writer on Maude Night for 5 1/2 years on such illustrious teams as Neighbor Boy, Slow Burn, The Skuntz and one of the first Maude teams iBadger and has been teaching Sketch at UCB for the past 6 years. His work has appeared on UCB Comedy, Adult Swim, Above Average, IFC, Fuse, MTV and others. He is also a freelance contributor to Weekend Update. Geoff also had a podcast called Worst Gig Ever you can check out, which had over 100 episodes, and a 7 episode web series produced through Official Comedy. If you do not know him from his comedy wares, you might know him from his musical wares. Geoff was the bass player in the influential hardcore band Orchid and the bass player in the less influential but to a select few band Panthers. He currently plays guitar in the metal band Low Estate and bass in the hardcore band Ritual Mess. He also composes solo synth music where he is slowly ripping off the horror soundtracks we all love. If you do not know him from either of these lifestyle ventures, you might know him from sitting on his couch with his wife and his bulldog, listening to weird metal and prog rock records and explaining to anyone who will listen why all eras of Genesis are important to the world.

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