Training Center Q&A Friday 8-10pm

Training Center Q&A: Comedy Conversations

Scheduled Friday 8-10pm
Start Date Feb 15, 2019, 8:00pm
Price $10
Class Size 200 students

UCB's Training Center Q&A Series:


Hosted by Ian Roberts

How to go from Stage, to Internet, to Television: A panel discussion/Q&A with Chicago Comedy Ensemble, "The Katydids", the Creators, Writers, and Stars of TV Land's "Teachers"

you currently on stage performing improv, sketch, or some other form of
alternative comedy, and wondering how to transition from this to
working in television?  Wondering if it's possible for your current
ensemble, with it's amazing chemistry, developed over years of
performing together, to remain intact and transition into television
together?  Well, The Katydids did just this, and as they say, "success leaves clues."  They
went from being a live stage ensemble, to producing their own internet
content, to obtaining representation and staring in 50 episodes of their
own TV show.  In this panel discussion/Q&A, moderated by "Teachers"
show runner and UCB founder, Ian Roberts, you will hear what the Katydids did to pursue their dreams and accomplished their goals. Come pick their brains on how you can do the same.

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