The Advanced Study Program is designed for students who have completed the core curriculum, are ready to make a professional level of commitment to improv or sketch comedy and are ready to perform at an advanced level. Each course in the Advanced Study Program is instructor-driven with a specialized focus. 

Students will receive an email after Improv 401 or Sketch 301, confirming that they've completed the core improv or sketch program. After receiving that email, the students can apply to the Advanced Study Program. 

Applying for Advanced Study

To apply, send an email to [email protected] The subject line should be "Advanced Improv Application - LAST NAME" or "Advanced Sketch Application - LAST NAME" 

Answer these three questions:

1. Why do you wish to take classes in the Advanced Study Program?

2. What experience do you have in improv or sketch outside of your UCBTC classes? Please be specific. EX: If you are in a performance group, tell us your name and what form you are working on. Let us know the names of improv shows you've performed at around town, and how often. If you regularly work with a coach, tell us their name.

3. Please describe a comedy show or person (on stage, film or television) that inspired you and why?

One or two paragraphs per answer should be sufficient. If you had applied before, you may re-use answers from your earlier application if they still apply. 

How Do You Decide Who Gets Into Advanced Study?

After class is finished, your teacher makes a recommendation of who is ready for Advanced classes. When you apply, the Academic Supervisor (Johnny Meeks) reads your essays, looks at what other classes you have taken, looks up the Improv 401 or Sketch 301 teacher's recommendation and makes a decision.

The biggest factor is the recommendation from the most recent teacher, though sometimes the Academic Supervisor will overturn that recommendation based on the past experience of the student or something cited in the essays. For example, perhaps you have done a lot of work on independent groups, or studied at other theaters; In that case, the Supervisor may contact the recent teacher and see if that information changes the recommendation. The Supervisor almost never argues to UN-recommend someone. This step almost exclusively happens in the student's favor.

The essays are not meant to be difficult. One or two paragraphs per answer is enough. We just want to give you a chance to make a case if you feel there is something in your attitude or experience that was not appreciated in class.

If You Are Not Accepted 

If you are not accepted for improv you will have to re-take Improv 401 or one of the 410s before you re-apply. Most students who end up taking Advanced Study courses will take 400 level courses multiple times. For improv, if you are not in a practice group in order to accelerate your improv growth you are unlikely to be performing at a level high enough to be accepted. 

If you are not accepted for sketch you will have to re-take Sketch 301 or another non-Advanced Study Sketch section. You are allowed to re-apply after any of those courses. Most students who end up taking Advanced Study courses will have to apply more than once.